Shipping Lines

Marina di CarraraCagliari
Monday 23:00Wednesday 04:00
Wednesday 23:30Friday 04:00
Saturday 13:00Sunday 10:00
CagliariMarina di Carrara
Tuesday 23:59Thursday 05:00
Thursday 23:59Saturday 05:00
Sunday 12:00Monday 07:00

Unloading, storage and distribution cycle in Cagliari

A short video explains, better than many words, the integration of our complete cycle.

Groupage South Italy

We are specialized in goods collecting and supply all around southern Italy: Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Basilicata with multiple branches in each region, We have been integrated in main delivery networks for a long time so we are capable to supply your goods nationwide.

IT System

Grendi Group considers computer systems as crucial elements in order to sustain high level efficiency and customer services. That's the reason that brings Grendi to care for the implementation of hardware systems and management softwares, following the new opportunities provided by technology.

Where We Are

Our core: we manage the entire supply chain. We have been working on intermodality since 1828 and we were the first ones to use containers in Italy, we embark exclusively our own ships that berth in our own harbour terminals to transport the goods collected in our warehouses.

Sustainable Logistics

Discover our global optimization system with objective data, concrete results, and respect for the environment.

Download here the full report (PDF)